Key benefits of our service offering include:

Flexible logistics

Whether you want us to pick-up and deliver your items in bulk or ask your employees to manage their uniform laundry needs directly with us, we allow full flexibility.

Appropriate treatments

We inspect each of your incoming items and make an expert decision on the appropriate program. Be it a simple wash & press, dry-cleaning or Maxima for delicate items, we ensure we apply treatments that keep your uniforms alive and in shape for longer.

It’s in the detail

Our finishing treatments not only keep your whites crisp and your colors vibrant, they also lay a protection layer around the fabric to protect fibers from aging and breaking too quickly.

Personalized assistance

Your dedicated Account Manager will attend to your business relationship needs at any time and our Customer Service representatives (8005ASEC) will always provide support for urgent inquiries.

Trialled and tested

The laundry workflow
  • Get your workerwear collected

    Scheduled on-site pickups and deliveries
  • Get your staff autonomy

    Allow your employees to manage their own uniform laundry needs through our stores.
  • LAUNDRY TAGGING / MAKING with a unique heat-sealed bar code




  • FEASIBILITY ASSESSMENT (Control of the item, the number of times it has been cleaned so far and the care label instructions)

  • DRYING, IRONING and hand-fishing


  • PACKAGING laundry wrapping and covering in a nominative garment bag

  • DELIVERY either directly on-site or in shop