Our expert store and production managers are in charge of assessing the garment and its composition in order to ensure the best care and cleaning solutions. We offer tailored solutions to a growing range of clothes, home items and accessories to address all your textile care needs.

Stain Removal

Our in-house stain lab is equipped with the latest technology to treat highly resilient spots and stains and we always make sure that we use the approach most suited to the fabric and stain.


Our washing programs have been developed exclusively for us following extensive research and trials in partnership with equipment and detergent manufacturers. Our vast range of detergents and solvents allow for the most effective cleaning to extend the life and improve the appearance of your garments with the lowest environmental impact.

Dry Cleaning

A dry-cleaning machine is similar to a washing machine, except that it is larger and uses a closed- loop system: the solvent is recovered, filtered, and reused in the next cleaning cycle. This treatment combines mechanical action of the machine program with the efficiency of a solvent and is used for garments that cannot be washed in water because they could either shrink, discolor or lose its original shape.

Our fully computerized controlled machines with tailored programs, high quality solvents and additives along with correct loading of the machine are key to ensure the quality of cleaning. Proprietary programs, unique 100% distillation of quality solvents in recycling and quality training
ensure the best available dry-cleaning service in the industry.


We will get those creases out of your summer dress and make that collar of your shirt crisp and clean as if it was new, by hand and with the attention to detail you would expect. The 5asec ironing way has been developed many years ago and remains an industry benchmark. No short cuts are with excessive temperature to expedite work and our irons are protected to preserve the garments – no shine marks and perfect ironing.


Our exclusive extra gentle treatment is now available in Dubai for your most delicate items. Maxima provides the best care to your finest, most delicate pieces, fully cleaning them and even restoring their brightness and freshness.

Once Maxima© treatment is finalized, we air-dry your items to prevent any potential shrinkage or fabric deformations. Delicate fibers or garments with ornaments deserve the best care. We ensure your most precious pieces live longer and brighter.


Why Maxima©?
This unique treatment:
● Provides nourishing care and fiber brightness and softness to the most fragile pieces of your wardrobe
● Protects your special items with ornaments like glitter, sequins, beads, lace, embroidery, pieces sewn with leather and vinyl
● Protects your textiles like silk, cashmere, pashmina, pure virgin wool, artificial fibers (viscose, acetate, etc.)
● Preserves your wedding dress and your memories


5àsec has developed this expert treatment to guarantee a professional ‘freshly ironed’ effect that lasts longer while protecting your textiles – the "5asec way".

Our finishing treatment makes the freshly ironed effect last longer, so that your suits, shirts, trousers and dresses stay soft, neat and wrinkle-free and, with no shine marks.
The crease-resistant treatment is particularly appreciated by frequent travelers (plane, train) and commuters as well as executives.
Finishing is a thin layer applied to your garment in order to improve its shape. It also revives the colors of your items while preventing stains from becoming embedded. For optimal results, the treatment should be done after each cleaning.


The exclusive White+ treatment is chlorine-free and treats efficiently your delicate garments while preserving their natural qualities, making them fresher and brighter.
White+ is essential to revive the white of textiles that have gone gray or yellow.
White clothes and linens easily get dirty and their fiber can quickly be damaged by some whitening treatments. Our White+ treatment has a bleaching effect without using chlorine.
It revives the white of your clothes that are affected by grey and yellow tones and emphasize the clean and crisp effect of your already white garments.

Stain Prevention

Be protected from coffee, oil stains, dust residue or other. This treatment is essential to protect your garments against moisture of any kind.
Stain prevention is equipped with a specific technology that leaves a thin layer over your garments which prevents future stains, protects wool fibers from felting and limits water rings.


Starching guarantees perfect ironing with a long-lasting glossy finish and a perfect shape. Starching your shirts adds stiffness to the fiber and maintains a crisp, pressed appearance even in hot or wet environments or during travels.
For those who love perfect table settings, this treatment is also made for you.

Anti Dust Mite Treatment

Get rid of dust mites attached to the fibers of your textiles and protect yourself from allergies with long term relief. Dust mites are harmful to everyone’s health, at any age. They are practically everywhere and tend to multiply in large numbers if you wait too long before treating your textiles.

Our Research & Development department has developed an efficient and 100% natural care, made from lemon and eucalyptus essential oil to complement washing and cleaning. Get effective protection against re-infestation of mites for 6 months with our ‘Dust Mite Repellent’.

Anti Moth Repellent

Moths are tiny little butterflies which lay invisible eggs on our garments. They particularly thrive in wardrobe full of natural fibers. Wool coats, linen suits, silk blouses, cotton shirts but also duvets and carpets.

The professional cleaning of your items is the only comprehensive treatment which provides you with a long-lasting protection and a perfect hygiene against those parasites.
5àsec has developed an efficient and natural treatment against moths to offer full protection for your textiles and a perfect hygiene. MICROSTOP® is a treatment made from natural plant extracts and protects your items for up to 6 months and 5 washes within this timeframe.