Working conditions

Our production staff work with certain chemicals on a daily basis and it is our utmost priority to ensure their working environment is safe and clean.

We provide protective masks, goggles and safety shoes, adequate ventilation / AC which is regularly maintained, close-by washing basins along with frequent training on how to use 5àsec treatment materials adequately.

Protecting the environment

5àsec has always had its focus on investing into cutting edge machinery and detergents which has allowed us to become pioneers when it comes to efficient and less aggressive laundry processing.


Washing on low temperatures

5àsec has invested in extensive research and trials in partnership with our detergent providers and textile engineers.

We are now able to wash items at much lower temperatures than with conventional industry detergents, achieving the same outcome and sterilization of garments. In fact, the lifecycle of your clothes and their colours will extend when washed with lower temperature water.


100% phosphate free chemicals

Phosphate is a mineral used in detergents for the laundry industry as well as your conventional washing machines at home.

Though a very commonly used ingredient, phosphate has a severe negative impact on the ecosystem of our waters: It provokes a strong growth of algae, which then consumes large amounts of oxygen in the water, ultimately sharply reducing or eliminating all fish stock and other organisms to survive in our local waters.

We at 5àsec have completely stepped away from the use of phosphate in any of our detergents and have opted for the eco-friendly range. Alternatives are indeed readily available for all providers and users, however, come with an additional cost and are therefore often neglected.


Perchlo free dry cleaning

Perchlorethylene, also known as just ‘perchlo’ is a commonly used dry-cleaning solvent, particularly outside of the EU and US. Perchlo has a very controversial reputation as repeated inhalation and/or physical contact with the solvent is considered to cause severe health conditions to humans. This can be due to exposure in laundry production facilities but also perc residues that remain in clothing post the dry-cleaning process.

5àsec has completely eliminated the use of perchlo in the dry-cleaning process and has moved to another process which uses a hydrocarbon-based solvent. This solvent has undergone testing on its effects on humans’ health with no reported harmful effects, yet the same effective cleaning effect as perchlo. It is also important to point out that hydrocarbon solvents break down naturally in the environment, therefore avoid groundwater contamination.

Additionally, to the use of hydrocarbon, we are also cleaning our machines and particularly the so called ‘water separator’ and ‘distillation tank’ once a week. This is done with an exclusively developed disinfectant which ensures all accumulated bacteria from previous cycles are fully removed and not pushed into any future cleaning programs.


Reduction of water usage

Our machine programs and composition of detergents have been developed to an extent where they now consume around 30% less water than conventional industry machines.

Standard detergents activate a large amount of foam to work efficiently, which in return takes large amounts of rinsing water to clear out the detergent from the item. Our programs and detergents activate with little foam production which logically requires less rinsing and therefore less water.

For full protection of the fibre and our customers’ skin we add a final step in each cleaning program which neutralizes all cleaning products applied to the garments during treatment.

Calling all customers for support

Packaging material is a strong pain-point in the laundry industry. It is absolutely necessary and part of the production cycle, however, comes with a strong impact on the environment due to the use of disposable materials.

We, at 5àsec UAE are currently working on several initiatives to reduce the use of disposable items and move towards re-usable elements.


Hanger recycling program

We strongly encourage our customers to return hangers that they cannot find use for, and to re-iterate the importance of creating a ‘hanger cycle’ we will be charging a deposit of 2 AED per additional hanger with every order. Customers will immediately receive their deposit back as soon as they return the hangers to us.


Re-usable Laundry Bags

We wash your laundry and your laundry bag. Instead of working with plastic bags, we will be providing you with your own laundry bag, which you can conveniently fill and pass over to us when we collect your items or you drop your order in-store. We then wash your items and your bags and deliver it all back to you to start the cycle again. Your first laundry bag will be free of charge and usually lasts for over 80 laundry cycles. We will not charge you to wash your laundry bag along with your items. All additional laundry bags can be purchased at 15AED per bag (please note this is cost comes with no profit to 5àsec UAE)