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5asec – Premium Laundry Made Simple

5asec’s core concept was simple, yet innovative from the very beginning: ‘Provide high-quality service at fair and transparent pricing and make it accessible to everyone. A lot has changed since, but the core promise of the brand stands and has allowed for the rapid expansion and success of 5asec around the globe.

5asec is available across Dubai and Abu Dhabi for convenient pickup and delivery.

A Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

For 55 years, we have been committed to offering our customers a high quality of dry cleaning and laundry service.

5asec opened its first store in France in 1968, based on a genuinely innovative concept: to provide dry cleaning and laundry services with the best quality, transparent pricing and quick delivery.

5asec is now the market-leading textile care provider in over 33 countries globally across Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, and the Middle East.

Perchlo Free Dry Cleaning

Perchlorethylene, also known as just ‘perchlo’ is a commonly used dry-cleaning solvent, particularly outside of the EU and US. Perchlo has a very controversial reputation as repeated inhalation and/or physical contact with the solvent is considered to cause severe health conditions to humans. This can be due to exposure in laundry production facilities but also perc residues that remain in clothing post the dry-cleaning process.

5asec has completely eliminated the use of perchlo in the dry-cleaning process and has moved to another process which uses a hydrocarbon-based solvent. This solvent has undergone testing on its effects on humans’ health with no reported harmful effects, yet has the same effective cleaning effect as perchlo. It is also important to point out that hydrocarbon solvents break down naturally in the environment, therefore avoid groundwater contamination.Dear Customers,

100% Phosphate-Free Chemicals

Phosphate is a mineral used in detergents for the laundry industry, as well as your conventional washing machines at home.

Though a very commonly used ingredient, phosphate has a severe negative impact on the ecosystem of our waters. It provokes a strong growth of algae, which then consumes large amounts of oxygen in the water, ultimately sharply reducing or eliminating all fish stock and other organisms to survive in our local waters.

We at 5asec have completely stepped away from the use of phosphate in any of our detergents and have opted for the eco-friendly range. Alternatives are indeed readily available for all providers and users, however, come with an additional cost and are therefore often neglected.