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Home Sanitisation
The 5asec Way

Long lasting-protection for you and your family


5asec now provides full home sanitisation services for your home and car. Using harm-free alcohol-free Zoono products, our sanitisation service provides long-lasting protection.

  • Water-Based
  • Baby Safe
  • Pet Safe
  • Furniture Safe

Home and Car Sanitisation Available across Dubai

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We Use Zoono

Zoono is the most advanced sanitiser and protectant in the market and eliminates germs and ensure long-lasting protection.

  • Last up to 30 Days on surfaces
  • Tested in over 140 Labs across the world
  • Certified by Dubai Municipality
clean 99.99% germs

Kills Germs

Proven to eliminate up to 99% of germs
30 days protection

Long Lasting Active Protection

Up to 30 days on surfaces

Zero Alcohol

Water-based, Food safe, Alcohol-free.

Terms and Conditions

  • Not Applicable for 50% Cashback first-time order discount
  • Not Applicable for 5% Cashback rewards
  • Service only available in Dubai
  • Reward points cannot be used to purchase
  • Contactless payment options available
  • Cannot be combined with any Partnership & Loyalty discounts
  • Cannot be combined with any offers, promotions, or vouchers


What products/chemicals do you use?

Zoono Microbe Shield Z71

How can you ensure that my house/room is santize well and free from germs?

Zoono is accredited around 100 labs around the world for the efficacy, We can also confirm that the place is sanitized with the ATP test at the additional charge. Learn More

How often should I sanitise my home?

Our Product are effective for 30 days. However, if there is confirmed cases you can schedule a sanitization even before 30 days.

Is your product approved by Municipality?